Excursion a Capri

If you wish to spend a nice day, discovering a new, fantastic spot, you cannot miss Capri. The tour starts in Ischia, from which you will reach Capri in approximately 45-50 minutes

The first stage of the trip is the unmissable Blue Grotto, that can be visited only thanks to a little skiff equipped with oars, that carries the visitors to discover what makes this cave so famous: the play of blue reflections created by the light.

Heading west, we reach the Heart Grotto, so known for being naturally heart-shaped. Overcoming it, we can admire the famous lighthouse of Punta Carena, the only one of Capri. At the foot of the lighthouse, the beach resort “Il Faro” is a good solution where you can bathe and enjoy the sun until the sunset. Keep in mind that Capri is a rocky island and there are not many beaches.

The maritime exploration continues with a stop to regenerate and bathe in the beautiful turquoise waters of Cala del Rio. The color of these awesome waters is due to the typical Capri rocks, the dolomite rocks, which reflect on the sea.

The next stage is another treasure held by the Island of Capri: the Green Grotto, known for the green color of its waters.

If you want to give yourself another bath, there is no better place than the small cove Cala Ventrosa with the Faraglioni in the background.

The tour continues to the most famous bay of Capri, Marina Piccola, a small paradise. Here you can admire the Faraglioni, perhaps having lunch in one of its restaurants by the sea (recommended the restaurants “La canzone del mare”, “La Torre Saracena” and “La Fontelina”)

Sailing along the coast on the right will appear the “Grotta del Marinaio” (Sailor’s Grotto), which hides a small beach inside.

And, finally, there they are: the undisputed symbol of Capri in the world, the Faraglioni, that will appear majestic in front of you. According to the legend, kissing beneath them is a good omen, meaning that the couple will return to Capri and will stay together forever. Imagine how exciting it will be to pass under the arch and admire in the distance the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the Island “Li Galli”. In the passage, you will also notice the house of Curzio Malaparte, a communist writer who donated his property to the town of Capri, that turned it into a museum afterward.

The tour continues towards the White Grotto, where you will make another stop to bathe or to visit the beautiful cave, very particular indeed. The name refers to the white color of its stalactites and stalagmites, one of which is said to represent the Madonna.

But that’s not all: another stop is the “Salto di Tiberio”, near Villa Jovis, a cliff over the sea whose name is linked to a legend. Capri was a popular tourist destination even during the Roman Empire, and also Emperor Tiberius used to spend his holidays there. It is said that every time Tiberius received unpleasant news, he threw some unlucky victims from Villa Jovis into the sea, letting them fall through the “Salto di Tiberio”.

The tour of the island comes to an end once arrived in Marina Grande, the tourist port of Capri. Here you can leave the boat to walk in the center of Capri, go shopping or enjoy the famous “Piazzetta”.

We also organize tours and excursions to visit Capri by land and discover other breathtaking panoramic views from another perspective.