Excursion a procida

An excursion by sea is the best way to discover the small island of Procida, that has nothing to envy in terms of beauty to the two largest islands of the Gulf of Naples, Ischia and Capri. Procida is equally volcanic and offers breathtaking views of the coast made up of colorful houses, white-sand coves and inlets bathed by a crystal-clear sea: a tiny paradise a few steps away from Ischia.

During the tour you will not only be able to see the island of Ischia in the distance, but also the islet of Vivara, a real nature reserve that hosts different species of birds and snakes and that can be visited thanks to a bridge connecting it to Procida.

The first stop on tour is the Chiaiolella: the rare beauty of the marina, the memory of the ancient fishing village and the presence of trendy bars and hotels make it one of the most attractive places on the island. Advancing along the coast, besides a tiny beach and the promenade, you can also see many villas by the sea and notice the island of Ischia on the horizon. When the sun goes down, looking westward, you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets from this spot.

Continuing the circumnavigation, we arrive at Corricella, the most exclusive and particular stretch of coast. Its colorful pastel-colored houses, the fishing boats, the profiles of the homes recalling ships, clearly bring to mind the ancient fishing village that was there a long time ago. Its timeless charm keeps living unaltered.

But there is much more to discover. It is not possible not to mention the ancient medieval village known as “Terra Murata”, which overlooks the sea. It was born for defensive purposes and then evolved into a town. Dominating the scene is certainly the former political prison, the Castello d’Avalos, and the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel.

dominate the scene. This area marks the end of our tour and, once passed it, we will be ready to return to the port.

If you want to relax and regenerate before ending the trip, there is nothing better than enjoying a good portion of spaghetti with sea urchin; smelling the lemons or tasting the famous “ox tongue”, a typical Procidan dessert made of puff pastry and lemon cream.