Today on our logbook we write about a now iconic Ischia Safari event, a gastronomic festival conceived by Chefs Nino di Costanzo and Pasquale Palamaro

Ischia Safari

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to enjoy fine cuisine while contributing to a noble cause. September 17 will kick off the seventh edition of Ischia Safari, a festival that brings together renowned chefs, expert pizza makers, food artisans, pastry chefs and food and beverage professionals The goal is to raise funds for educational projects dedicated to young people each year. For ticket information, visit the official website.WWW.ISCHIASAFARI.IT

The opening night will take place at the Dolce Vita restaurant of the Regina Isabella Hotel. Here, star chefs will collaborate with culinary artists to offer an exclusive gourmet menu, introducing an event that is annually enriched with new meaning.

Anticipation is already growing on social media, where some of the participants, including chefs Pasquale Palamaro and Nino Di Costanzo, have been announced. This year, the festival will support hotel schools in Emilia Romagna, an area that, like Ischia, is supported by tourism and has suffered from environmental disasters.

Also in the same period we have on the island andar per cantina.

“Andar per cantine 2023” reserves for its guests in this its 15th edition, with an even more intriguing and stimulating program for those who want to be enveloped and conquered by the countless suggestions of nature, traditions and flavors of the Green Island. From September 20 to October 1, a busy program of walks, discoveries, tastings and meetings following the rows of vines that for three thousand years have shaped the island’s landscape on the hills overlooking the gulf, in the sunny valleys, along the sides of Epomeo, on the terraces exposed to the sea winds, all the way to the most inaccessible points of the rocky coast.
A journey of many facets and opportunities, which each participant will be able to build to the measure of his or her own steps, tastes and curiosities.
Emotions and pleasures to be shared with other travelers along the itineraries named after the vines that have done honor to the island of Typhoeus; in the cellars, where the ritual of the symposium exalted in the eternal verses of the Cup of Nestor will be repeated; in the evening gatherings, to enjoy together the splendors of the sunset and the wonders of the evening, accompanied by the wines and genuine products of an ever generous land.
With the warm colors of autumn, the intense scents of must and herbs.And to those who will love exploring it. have a good trip